About Carrie

Carrie is a proud queer Mainer, content creator, and student affairs professional based in Maine. She has been applauded for her memorable approach, which combines her funny, casual style with an important and timely message. She excels at meeting people where they are and connecting with a variety of audiences and perspectives. Whether providing training and education for local businesses and organizations or streaming on Twitch, she strives to be a proud advocate and ally for marginalized voices in communities around Maine and nationwide.

What People Say

“I’ve never had so much fun. The whole evening was amazing. A great MC and host, indeed.”

-Norma S.

“Carrie’s presentation on LGBTQ inclusion was well-received by our students. She was funny, engaging, and relatable while still being educational and informative. We loved it!”

-Terry B.

“The show was incredible! Carrie was amazing, and the performers turned it OUT! Can’t wait for next year!”

Rodney L.

Let’s build something together.

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