I’ve always been open about my journey with drag and how I’ve never had what I considered to be a traditional drag family. There has never been a Haus of The One and I’ve never felt like I had a group of people who understood and supported my drag in that way.

That’s why I knew, when trying to think of what to do for your special shirt after 6 consecutive months at Level 4, it just made sense to change that. You may or may not do drag yourself. You may or may not understand drag, it’s roots, and the important role it plays within queer culture and history. BUT, you are the chosen family I haven’t had before. You are the cheering section pushing me higher and further. You are the people who support me even when I don’t actually do drag for a whole week because other things take precedent.

You are the Haus of The One, and I’m so grateful to know you. Please wear this shirt with pride knowing that only a handful of us have one. I love you. You are my family. Thank you for everything you do to keep this community growing and providing space for queer folks around the world to feel seen and loved, even if it’s the ONLY place they get to feel that. You are SO important to what we’re doing on Twitch, and I couldn’t do this without you.

Love always,

Carrie ❤